Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone!

What are you doing for the holiday? And, more importantly, what will you be cooking and/or eating?

I celebrated my first Moon (Mid-Autumn) Festival in my freshman year of college. A dormmate invited the hall to a bench outside the building to light paper lanterns and eat mooncakes. She also made a little shrine for her grandmother: a black-and-white photo of a young, curly-haired woman leaned on the back of the bench. My dormmate held pink sticks of incense and knelt before the photo. She bowed three times and placed the incense in a holder next to her grandmother. “The Moon Festival is a family holiday,” our dormmate explained. “It is meant to be shared.” And so she shared with us the cakes, the lanterns, the full moon, and her grandmother.

Since then I have had a few Mid-Autumn feasts, where I first learned, among other things, how to fry a shrimp cracker. I will be at a Moon Festival potluck on Friday, where I hope to get inspired for future posts. (Hint: some more sweet treats will be mentioned here soon.)

Feel free to post in either English or Chinese. I’ll translate any Chinese comments.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sujan Manandhar
    Sep 23, 2010 @ 17:54:28

    This is a neat blog. I like the design.
    Is this festival the same as Moon festival? I think I remember spending time with some Chinese folks during a ‘moon festival’ some eons ago.
    And yeah, I love those shrimp crackers. We ate em all the time when we were kids in Nepal.


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